Brainlike Regulatory Strategy in celebration of its anniversary annually holds a meeting with a regulated sector: the Symposium Regulatory Trends.

It is an opportunity to bring together a regulated and regulatory sector to celebrate and discuss the major changes, challenges and trends in our industry for the coming year.

It is a free event, there is no cost of registration or participation. We believe in the exchange of knowledge and the Symposium is our contribution to the strengthening of our sector.

The Symposiums always happen in the city of São Paulo, where Brainlike is headquartered, but we receive companies from different states. The speakers and topics change every year but the cocktail after the lectures, we always close the event to the presence of our guests and the generosity of our speakers.

We present below a little of each Symposium that has already happened while lovingly planning the next one.

Be welcome !

I Symposium Regulatory Trends
March 20th  2018 - São Paulo / SP
II Symposium Regulatory Trends
April 24th  2019 - São Paulo / SP


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